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Friday, June 10, 2011

Forget about Singapore

oH Well, I've been kicked out,
once again by Singapore.
Their loss.
It's kind of a relief to me that I won't be stuck in the den, alone, facing my text books or fb homepage, alone.
AHHH...It's good to stick to home.
cuddle in the same comforter, drooling on the same pillow oops!
I am going to be a MONASHIE (do they call themselves this name? like TARCians?)
it's super near to my house, but once the FREAKIN LDP TOLL JAM starts!

Mmmm... I wonder who would I meet in this new U
Are there mostly nerds around?
Hope to see some *ahem*
Psychology+Business <--- it's so my thing!!!!!
So I'm pretty excited for the time to come.
It's on the 18th of JULY.... I'm gonna rush to the comp and pick the best schedule... muahahahahahahahahah
(HONS) .... COME TO MAMA!!!!

got to goooooo
it's midnight again... i'm late for bed
recently I have this obsession of making BOOKS.
and I am super duper quadruple delighted when a friend of mine wanted to order a book from me.
my business is coming.
ok, time's ticking, Doze off........................