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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Surviving in a U for the first week

I find it not easy for my first week studying in a U

There are too much to prepare
The situation now is STRESS STRESS and STRESS

I am expected to go through all of the manuals and guides for 4 of the units....QUICKLY
I am expected to prepare all 4 of the lectures....
let me count.... it's about a total 6 Chapters I need to prepare for a week, and every week I am expected to do that
I am expected to finish up all of the tutorials in this week to prepare for my coming tutorial class...
I am expected to know where-the-hell to find my notes and-oh!-it's-in-a-drive-in-the-U's-comp-lab's-desktop-for-pitssake...
I am expected to print all of my notes and tutorials and guides and cover sheets and assignments and I've forgotten what else because there are too many EVERY WEEK
and I spent almost 2 hours to print everything
I am expected to pass up an assignment due next tuesday and holy-shit it's just the 1st week... come on!
I am expected to check my Monash mail twice a day
I am expected to quickly get my textbooks and bloody prices kills my wallet

I'll better leave my ass off this chair now.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Orientation for the 1st day

Today is my first day of University :D
And I think it's not so bad afterall
In fact it's good,
Awesome! ( talking positive words to myself XD)

Everyone seems friendly and fun
The staffs and seniors are helpful
The refreshments and light lunch are not bad, I like the nasi lemak :D
This week's lunch Monash sudah take care, haha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My dad said I will be successful and influential in the future.
I do really want to be.
Then I shall be.

There is too much to offer to the world.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Never in the world I have considered this University for the past few years,
but hey, I am a student now.

Never in the world I thought I wouldn't be in a School of Medicine for my entire life,
but hey, I'm in that school now.

Expect the unexpected.

Until now I still can't comprehend why the psychological science and business course is under this school.... why???

Time flies like mad, and I can't believe school starts soon,
2 more weeks ahead. I don't know how's it gonna be like.
I heard that this U is a well disciplined university, and everything is done electronically.
I heard the canteen food is ________________.
I know there's iPad available for loan in the library (wow).
We'll see :)