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    4 years ago

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i have totally forgotten about the existence of my BLOG!
when was the last post..? 1.5 years ago. that is long!
mm okay
it is so not easy studying psychology and marketing in my second year.
i dont understand thoroughly what the text wants to tell me.
australian style, pfffffft...
i never get to understand their english.
and my marketing research is c.r.a.z.y
the assignment does not seem like a second year unit,
but more of like a thesis or master's level whoka-poka assignment instead
but i am pleased with myself and my dear-o partner
i was shocked that we got a freaking bam 90/100 HD for our assignment
what the lecturer said was even more shocking to me
is that he never had rate any group 90 and above in history
and he is going to apply for publication for our research paper
im in awe
ive never been a smart student anyway but more of a moderate student
if only this opportunity can just WHAM my resume