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    4 years ago

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hot guys make you wana FART

not really la
my goodness this guy made my head swing like mad ya noe?
my gdness!!!!

2day went back to CHKL..
it was a sudden decision lo k?
somebody pls don't get pissed...
i had a 2 hours break.. wat can i do?
but everyone was having exam...duh...wat a waste
so i ate my dear CHKL zapfan and intro-ed all the wonderful CHKL CANTEEN FOOD to my friends lieh..
surprisingly they like it
it's because tarc food stinks la...
walao..and i found out there's those water vapour-spraying fan in the canteen
biang!! those were the money i donated goes to...
and what was with the pond?? why no water?
CHKL has no money to pay mie?
our FORMULA la...


  1. yea la yea la..
    he is handsome..*cough*=.=

  2. Lol. *farts*

    AHAHHAHA. what a farting title this it.

    i like. XD

  3. hill--=____= diam diam

    conie--anor anor..see next friday whether im coming mou

    yo!--ha...u farted too!!!!see~~