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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let the gecko eat the hokdoks

The education department should do something

我親愛的佳瑩在UCSI也給她掃完場!!!!! <3 <3

我有很多不會做的Chemistry past year問題啊!!!
The gecko,a small lizard,can climb up a smooth glass window. The gecko has millions of microscopic hairs on its toes and each hair has thousands of pads at its tip. The result is that the molecules in the pads are extremely clase to the glass surface on which the gecko is climbing.

What is the attraction btw the gecko's toe pads and the glass surface?
A. co-ordinate bonds
B. covalent bonds
C. ionic bonds
D. Van Der Waal forces

Which and why for a reason?????....oh shit


  1. is it atmospheric pressure?
    so is it the bond between air molecules?
    my chem sucks so no idea about which bond is between air molecules ==

  2. google result show that "hokdok" is famous. lol

  3. i didnt sao ALL la - -

    wat question is tat ==
    so wai

  4. Van der waals obviously as, other cannot even exist on it's feet XD

  5. walao
    who are u anonymous
    the answer is correct leh!