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    4 years ago

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just need to be busy right now!
Doing something meaningful, while money is flowing into my pocket
I need to work.
I've just realize I can't let my bump stay still on the couch at home,
cause when the devil inside of me is awake
cash inside my wallet becomes 0.
I spent around three hundred ringgit on clothes (and I think it's not enough yet)
few hundred on hobbies,
bought couple of shoes (still haven't get my flats),
and I can say some money on parking fee for shopping.
(Which is so shitty expensive, rm8 per entrance fee at Amcorp Mall for only a few hours...DENG! I shouldn't have eaten lunch!)
and you see I'm going outstation soon. Tell me who won't shop?
My cousin and I visited Charles andKeith, ...... I'm counting money
I can't stop shopping.
I am a spender, call me Cheryl Leong The Spender.
And I spend a lot every week.
Money is out but not in.
I need to work.

this show is quite dissapointing leh!
wth is the climax
kenapa the ending turns out to be like that??????
i only like the choreography of the performance
and she just KEEPS GETTING BETTER (the tune is in my head now~~~)

can you imagine she is still 28?? WITH KIDS???????????????!

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  1. go inside and park at amcorp la, park outside is really expensive