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    4 years ago

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

stuck at home with sorethroat

all alone in the house
so bored got ntg to do i really miss school although there's so much to do
haha luckily met ahbui in msn... at least there's someone to be with
dear ahbui's having chicken pox.. poor thing..hope he'll get well soon

quite stress up these days... with the worries and homeworks and the theories in all subjects..
and the SORETHROAT...ohmigosh!!! i really cant stand it anymore
i really have to work much harder... it doesnt seem okay staying in grade12...
im like suddenly away from my comfort zone... everything has gone too fast too much...

im so pissed..i really duno wat to study in future...i rili cant make up my mind right now...
i dun really know whether i should go for psychology or not...
too exhausted to think wat i should be doing next...
but i really need to get into singapore...my homeland....
sometimes i question myself that why am i in malaysia instead still in singapore...>~<
i really wana study somewhere where i can get more exposure...
but i dun think im quite prepared for it...haiz...

i gotto study hard T_T
aim high....i wana go singapore..........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

all the best to hancheng, xiu hui n chaizhen in aust...
hope u guys will get used to the place....


  1. hohoho
    luckily meet u too hehe

    u sure can go Singapore 1!!

  2. think about ur future with a certificate is better than thinking it without any prove of ur study ability

    all the best!

  3. darling a!!
    take gud care a..
    now u cant make up ur mind nvm la..
    den u wait after uec juz ask advice frm ur teacher..
    yer..i oso hope to study SG la>.<
    is ok..i wil try 2 looking for job in SG after i finish my degree course..
    tht time v can work in d same countryXD

  4. haha
    thx for the support leh...
    lets go singapore together laa...
    i bring you to eat the best food ever...haha

  5. Is where u gain ur knowledge in ur Uni..
    So.. Decide properly what u wan to study and where, then only decide where u love..

    haha. Make ur decision wisely la..
    what can i do is giving u idea. hehe.

    And study Hard 1st la..

  6. but SG d food nt same as MSIA d food meh??=.=

  7. hill---y ask like dat???
    er...sort of laa...
    nt really the same...but same laa