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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Asking all college students
How is the life in college?
Do you feel more pressurised compared in CHKL? etc.

Went to watch Shinjuku Incident in the cinema with my dad, he is so free
costs RM6 per person only
didn't bring my IC to certify that i'm old enough to watch the 18PL movie
but finally i dont-know-how get to enter
the cinema stinks, = =
and you know, besides college, even in cinemas you get to meet different kinds of people-slash-weirdo
there's someone kept on talking to himself from the starting of the show till the end
= =

Going for some kind of training = = even they have a training for iPod,trains you how to use it
my goodness, why don't they just provide a booklet to teach you how to use it?
I still don't know how to start clicking my iPod Touch.
So pissed~

I'm going AdamL. crazy~~


  1. wei !
    you will come back visit us mou?
    your books with binbin..
    muahahahaha !

  2. hmm... college life can be stressful and can be not.. depends on how u think... i feel both... haha... but do enjoy college life.. it's quite fun... but i start to miss CH life... life in CH is not boring... anyway good luck ya gurl... ^^ all the best =)

  3. wat?! training for how to use an ipod? OMG.haha.
    ei we should find 1 day go jia ying house and ask xun rui go chat chat chat chat chat.

  4. yann--huh...wat books? who's binbin? yee..gross...what a name- - haha

    chaizhen--really huh? ya..the life of high school is wonderful..gee..i really miss those days~ you too~

    conie--there..which saturday u guys are going to jying's..inform me...rmb no "here"..u noe wat i mean...

  5. actually we plan today(saturday) go jia ying house 1=.= becoz some accident and something den duno y cancel ady.
    nvm la see when saturday is free we sure going again. i know..haha

  6. well...i think college is more stressfull due to their high tuition fee..
    but u will hav more fun ..lol..
    shijiku incidents...nice show...
    but d cinema cut a lot...==

  7. wei, nx saturday come my house la.. gathering..haha

    i wan the socks..

    walao, why just rm6 so cheap??!!!