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Thursday, December 23, 2010

$$$$ Money come come $$$$

i'm so excited about my 1st job
all i need to do is to submit the contract to the boss and i'll be starting the training while earning rm12 per hour
i want to earn money
i m a money freak
well, actually i considered working in Starbucks serving fresh brewed coffees and frappes
coz one of my cousins is working there in the Gardens and i got positive feedbacks from him
you learn to differentiate all the coffee beans
to taste all of the coffees and much more knowledge to be known
mmm... very interesting though
but then one day i came across a tuition centre which specialises in Maths

then i geboji went up and took a look at the centre
the centre is so cool where everything is all in black,red and white
and the way they teach is the American style of teaching
and guess what
i'm going to be trained on how to teach the kiddos maths
and a dunno what Mathnasium University 101 Cert is given
haha... seems cool
i'm just excited

i'll try selling my mum's pens to the kiddos
may help them in their maths :)


Do not blame, justify or give excuses.
--------------- Robert Leong


  1. hahaha izit the bauer mechanic pen?? are u sure that it will help them in doing maths??hahaha!!

    they pay u so high zomok ooooo ><

  2. rm12 per hour..but how many hours u can work for them per day? as i know la..be a tuition tutor in tuition centre nt worth 1..

  3. wa.. dun tipu children la u..
    dat pen ur mum start sell during ur primary scul ah ????