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    4 years ago

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WISH LIST: no junk in house

for the record
i had 5 to 6 times of diarrhoea in 2010
and 3 times consequently in hostel wt....
last saturday my family with the aunts and uncles
went to kampar n penang for holiday
it was a makan trip and just so happened tht i was suffering from stomach upset again
and the food i only get to eat was kosong bread and damn cream crackers= =

OSIM promoters are evil
they made the aunts and uncles and parents buy 3 of OSIM massage cushion
and my dad is so going to get a 天王椅 soon
and i dunno where on earth will the thing be sitting in our house
coz my hse is in total mess without a maid

in the holidays
my role of being a student turns out to be a maid
i am cleaning here and there tidying things up
my house is like a junk house
loads of junk
where junk is everywhere


  1. the 天王椅 izit got the andy lau one??
    after sitting it can become a 天王 哈哈哈
    the name really laugh die me

  2. i saw the 天王椅 at 1u..
    it was asdkfjasdkfjlaskdfjalsdjfjdfklajsdlfkjasdf-ing big and cool..