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    4 years ago

Thursday, May 21, 2009


看了可能会得罪你还是什么 我不知道
因为我开始发LAN3 ZA2 我现在真的很非常死北无敌生气
谁敢惹我 你不得好死 我跟你讲 我现在totally很serious
IM FREAKING FURIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IM WARNING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
我真的觉得很不dai 明明adam就是很outstanding
从day1开始他明明就是a star just when he opens he big mouth to sing
you just know that he is the one
omg im so freaked out with the results man!
我真的不敢相信kris赢了咯 去年也一样的样子 那个成绩根本不像样
我真的觉得很不dai勒 adam每一个演出都很professional
又有那么unique and powerful voice i dont see why he's not the gay american idol
it's just so unfair so uncool
he spent so much effort on every piece of his singing
but he doesnt get to be the champion im so freaking mad now
i want to see him being crowned as the 2009 AI champion
i want to see that moment
why like that
everything seems to be wrong so wrong
so freaking wrong
ughhhhhh so moody and angry right now
what a stupid lame voting reality show makes me fuss like that
my god!
what a wasted talented sexy guy
poof~ gone!


Lets just see what others have to say:
[[It's obvious to me why Adam did not the top spot...teenage girls buy the music, Kris Allen appealed to the teenagers more, and record companies see big bucks in that. Period. Adam clearly should have been the winner on his talent alone. Not dollar signs or the squeals of little teenage girls. I know that Adam will succeed in whatever he choses to do next, so I'm not too disappointed. I just think that America got it wrong this time. If, in fact, just the fans voted, which, after last night, it makes me wonder if certain strings weren't pulled. In any case, I will no longer watch American Idol. I'm done.]]

[[Yeah well I don't care what anyone says.......Adam should have won on AI. Yeah Kris was good...but nowhere near as good as Adam. All those people who voted need to stop going for looks and start appreciating talent. How you gonna chose Kris over Adam.....it's just so stupid!!! ): I guess it really don't matter though cause Adam is still gonna blow up and become one of the best artist in the industry so it's all good. (: You go Adam......YOU"RE THE BEST BABY!!!!]]

[[I think the finale 2 should have been allison and adam but sincre it was adam and kris i think adam should have won he is the best adam hot to he's not gay and just because he wears b;lack doesn't mean he's not christan adam is the real winner here and we all know that!!!!!!!]]

[[I cannot believe America chose Kris over Adam! I'm paralyzed with shock and awe! How can this be!]]

by comparing creativity, voice and stage performance he's way ahead kris..
ughh...Adam is my winner

i hereby apologize to kris fan


  1. maybe u should watch malaysian idol..
    be happy.. =)

  2. ADAM lost coz he is gay.. ppl dun like him. >.<
    But most of the ppl say he is better !

    But dun too aggressive, gal. chill.. ^^

  3. im freaking angry nw...
    warning nt to provoke me

    if he's a gay...den why he's still on the 2nd place? it's bcoz of the stupid lame am. teenage gals fell in love with the innocent looks...its a talent show...there's ntg to do with gay...adam performs the best...

    danny n allison is way better than kris actually

    im in flame nw...burning.,,for any second im going to have a heart attack...omg...i cant control my feeling...f

  4. wa...gek dong leh u..
    calm down..
    he will be appreciate with ur support..

  5. dont d angry le..
    n dont mad at me of my msn name las nite...
    aiya..i noe ur feelings nw...
    i gt discuss wit my sister 2day mar..
    my sis is kris fans..but she said adam actually looks like a star compared to kris...

  6. adam's gay?!
    aiya, don't be so mad larr..it's just a title. and u know that adam has more momentum to move on in the music industry.
    im still glad kris won anyway =)
    hehe, xinrui

  7. xinrui--he's the talented sexy gay la