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Friday, January 7, 2011

Merhaaba :)

Merhaaba, hello :)

I am still suffering some jetlag = =
Especially my parents
I sleep during odd hours
My eyes feel like closing and I start heading towards my bed during the afternoon

Memang angry during this trip
Lock problem
SD card problem
Left my pillow in one of the hotels in Turkey
Lost my evil-eye bracelet somewhere in Turkey
Brand new contact lens stuck in the pipe in one of the hotels
Camera start vibrating like mad maybe because of the cold weather
(Crap...i cant use the camera to snap photos)

But all awhile we are fortunate enough to get to see
walaoweh the best n sexy turkish belly dancer
an absolute GOOD weather to fly in a hot air balloon
(according to our guide, around 3 out of 5 groups are not able to fly due to bad weather)
and the best view of everything

I love this country
Turkey is awesome
the people are very friendly and kind enough
and they always treat you with a souvenir
you will have a new perspective of the Muslims once you've visited their country
they are very open in terms of religion and culture
you will love them
i love them :)
especially my Turkish guide who is very sweet and kind

now i really get to know what is Turkish delight
ive been eating and chewing many turkish delight (all samples lol!) until siao
wide ranges of cheeses and food is always being served macam the cheese tak perlu money to buy one= =
the yoghurt... deng... i like it so much
every meal i eat a big bowl of it 99 until i swell like ....???
the rice is sooooooooo good and i walap everything on my plate
i knew i would miss Turkish food once i reach home....haiz....

terlalu banyak photos untill i dunno how to upload them la
they will soon appear in fb and you'll see


  1. oh dear !!! welcome back !!!

  2. my parents been there ;DD cant wait to see the fotos weyh!
    and and my indian fren went there and she got one of the funniest pick up line! hahaha!
    Turkish man : " U've got very nice eyes, are u from paradise? "
    Friend : " HAHAHAHAHA! "

  3. after u came back then only i know that u went to turkey ==

  4. hahahaha... told you it will be good...
    from i what read, turkey is 1000 times better melbourne or sydney~ :D

  5. koyi-- hoho..thx
    janice--i sakit kepala when it comes into photo uploading time= =...we used up 42GB just for videoing= =
    korea--yaya...i agree too...