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Friday, January 14, 2011

My pencils 出馬

I'm about to finish a Cecelia Ahern book titled A Book Of Tomorrow
it's at the climax... wow wow wow

These days ive been teaching at the centre
smell of freshly sharpen pencils
punching stars for kids
counting 1 2 3 4 5 6 ......................
even i have to do 65 x 55 =
without using the kukulator T___T
now doing everything in maths without the kukulator
i have to go back to the days when we were still

the worse is dealing with kids
kids who are diam diam and very obedient is not a problem for me
today a kid named khaikhai dun wan to do this exercise dun wan tht want
"hello! come on la...我都係打工jek....siapkan la...."<---- from my heart
"you want me to slap you ke?????!!!!" <---- tht time cannot tahan, also in my heart
"deng!!!!!!!!!!! u siam la siam la siam la... dun let me teach you again" <--- if i ever said this, i kena fried sotong...
anyway just now i had sotong kangkung for dinner...
houchoi the sotong is not fried

2ml is a saturday
and ive got to wake up early to teach the kiddos again
this reminds me of going to CHKL every saturday morning

im gonna bring some pencils with me then
2ml whoever re3 mao me
im gonna sell it to them

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